To correct the vision of the eye, the technology that is being used nowadays is known as laser eye surgery. This type of surgery is not that old as it became popularized in the last 1900s. Lasik (Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) is known to correct the problem of both near and long sightedness. Around 90% patients report that due to the laser eye surgery, they have perfect vision immediately after the surgery. Like any surgery, it has its benefits and disadvantages but people always focus more on the advantages and go for the surgery.

The procedure which is quite short involves equipment such as laser, microscopic knives, suction machines etc. hence; laser eye surgery is not cheap. In 2015, the average cost of laser eye surgery for one eye was around $2,000 in the US. There are certain factors due to which the cost of the surgery varies which we have listed down below.

Area of Living

If you live in a city which is expense then ultimately the surgery in your area would be costly.

Type of Eyesight Problem

The prices for long and short sightedness are different. If your eyesight problem is complicated, you would naturally be charged more for it.

Type of Technology Used

There are many types of Lasik. One of them uses a small blade which cuts a flap in the cornea and it does not cost too much. On the other hand, Lasik which involves the use of laser through and through costs a lot because the machinery is expensive plus it guarantees accurate result and safe procedure.


It is a common thing that the surgeons who are famous or experienced would be more expensive as they have skills and expertise needed for the procedure.

Cheap Laser Eye Surgery Deals

You might have seen Lasik surgery deals which promise you a laser eye surgery for just $500 for both eyes which sounds amazing for everyone. The truth is that these deals are not always genuine. Many of the clinics which offer these deals do not use the updated and safe technology. They do not include post check-ups in the deal nor do they take retreatments into consideration. Most of these deals have surprise costs which the clinics spring up at the end. A genuine laser eye surgery would cost you around $1,000 so we recommend that you read up the terms and conditions of every deal before you sign up for it.