Not everyone in this world has a perfect vision and for that, the lens of their eye is responsible. It is the lens’s job to bend the rays of light so that they fall on the retina which provides us with perfect vision.

Types of Sight Problems

There are two types of sight problems which result in blurred vision. For that, let us take a trip down high school biology.

  • Myopic: It is also known as short sightedness. In this condition, since the muscles of your eyes do not relax, it causes the lens to be strained which means that it makes the rays of light fall in front of your retina. In this case, you are not able to properly see the things which are at distance.
  • Hyperopic: It is also called as long sightedness. In this case, you lens is not able to retract the lays of eyes inwardly and they fall away from the retina, not coming into focus. You are not able to clearly see the things near you.

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery or Lasik is the most common corrective measure which is used to treat eyesight problems. It becomes widely common around the 1900s and the technology has improved vastly since then. It is not a major surgery and more than 90% of people report that their vision problems are no more.


Let us look at the advantages of laser eye surgery so you can decide whether to get it done or not.

  • Perhaps the best thing about Lasik is that it is absolutely pain free. It is uncomfortable but it is bound to be since it is a surgery. During the surgery, anesthesia is used which dulls the pain to zero. After the surgery, there is no painful sensation at all.
  • The surgery takes less than half an hour which is marvelous. You do not have to be anxious about a long surgery; you would just be in the clinic, they would apply anesthesia, perform the easy surgery and you would be free to go.
  • The effects of the surgery are immediate. Most of the people report that their vision has drastically improved immediately after the surgery.
  • You would not need to wear glasses or contact lenses anymore. You can do every kind of activity which you could not perform earlier because of glasses.